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tonevizion better days

ToneVizion siphons wave of positivity in brass-injected track, “Better Days”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

In no other circumstance does the above quotation ring true more than it does in art. Whether it’s the person experiencing the art or even the artist themself, everyone tends to have varied interpretations of different types of creative stimuli. When it comes to music, this is almost always the case, especially for the Indiana-based producer, Tony Ciovacco, who runs around town as ToneVizion.

Toeing the line of multiple genres, including psy-bass, trip-hop, and glitch-hop, ToneVizion has been steadily dropping incredibly unique and experimental sounds for the past year now, including his debut album, The Calling, released exclusively under the Conscious Electronic banner. Describing his sound as “space bass,” Ciovacco’s music traverses in and out of the realms of psychedelia. With song names such as “Jedi Flippin” and “DMT,” it is clear what this young producer’s intentions are for the listener.

The ToneVizion project was started with the concept to tell stories with sound, to take listeners on a multi-dimensional sonic journey.”

Tony Ciovacco

As his freshman album, The Calling certainly established ToneVizion’s trademark sound, his most recent release, “Better Days,” featuring Future Joy, is showing fans that this Indianapolis native won’t be confined to one genre. The song’s intro rolls out the red carpet with a beautiful saxophone melody that could easily be misidentified as a GRiZ and ProbCause collaboration. The warm, inviting tones then lead into the first verse of the lyrics which present the message of the song — “to inspire people to do better, be better, to inspire love for one another.”

The song comes amidst what can best be described as a turbulent year for many, and the wave of positivity that comes with it is no coincidence. As the lyrics state, the track is meant to “bring a positive message that’s everlasting” to its listeners. Something that radiates through every lyric and harmony of this eclectic release.

ToneVizion – Better Days ft. Future Joy

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