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ToneVizion releases outer wordly 7-track EP, ‘The Calling’ [Exclusive]

Last week, ToneVizion (real name Tony Ciovacco) premiered a funkadelic track with CE, which kicked off the release of his new EP, The Calling. Now the Indianapolis-based producer rounds out the full release and we’re proud to present the 7-track short-player as a CE Exclusive. Armed with a sonic stamp that calls upon the soundscapes of David Starfire, Kalya Scintilla, Clozee, Bluetech, along with a penchant for inter-generational sounds from the 50s-60s, eighties, and today, ToneVizion is a rising bass artist who should be on every bass enthusiast’s radar.

ToneVizion boasts an intergalactic sound that cannot be missed. Intertwining the sounds of space and bass, his musical stamp consistently has listeners floating through time and space dimensions wondering where you are and if time even exists. “I like to take the listener on a journey from the beginning of my sets to the end,” says ToneVizion, “to allow my listeners to connect to each other through the common passion of music and art.

As for The Calling, ToneVizion dips heavily into trip-hop, glitch, psy-dub, downtempo, and space bass, giving listeners a chance to escape into an outer worldly realm far beyond the cosmos.

“The Calling is a big project for me, it was a project that has grown with me for the last year and half,” says Ciovacco on the inspiration for the project. “I wanted to take the listener on a sonic journey through various psychedelic journeys. I am a firm believer that everyone in life has a calling of some sort, this is the story of my calling.”

From the opening track, “Breakthrough,” which leads into the EP’s off-kilter second track, “Contact,” all the way to the title track with its heavy, yet subdued signatures, the entire project is a journey into psychedelic sounds and glitchy landscapes. It’s almost as if one was listening to a Tipper & Friends opener. Take a listen.

ToneVizion – The Calling

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