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Mystk makes bitbird debut with ‘Lost’ after catching label’s attention via viral sidewalk performance

Classically trained multi-instrumentalist producer, Mystk, channels an indie-electronic soundscape with his new single, “Lost.” The track is Mystk’s official debut to the bitbird community, yet he’s already become quite a legend in the label offices.

Mystk—originally from Switzerland but living in The Hague while studying sound/audio engineering at The Royal Conservatory—walked by the bitbird HQ by chance. However, with his unabating enthusiasm, the producer began plotting to return and deliver a live set on the sidewalk, and ultimately seized a perfect opportunity to get the attention of the label team. He not only immediately garnered our interest, but also that of many new fans when a video of the performance went viral on Twitter, amassing 360K views.

The release of “Lost” marked a monumental moment for Mystk, as signing his first record deal signifies the payoff of many years of dedicated work. At the age of five he began playing piano and drums and composing string symphonies. At thirteen he began producing, and was shortly after accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Tisch at NYU, and The Royal Conservatory, which he chose to attend in the heart of the buzzing electronic music scene of The Netherlands. Now at nineteen, he’s being mentioned in articles alongside Calvin Harris and Kygo, and opening for Thylacine.

It’s clear Mystk is paving his way in the music industry and enjoying every minute of it. “This release has been a wild journey,” notes Mystk. “I’ve worked with and met so many amazing and inspiring people over the last couple of months, and I’m here to tell the world I’m motivated and excited. I’ve got big plans for the future…”

With “Lost,” listeners get a track that is “indescribably special” to Mystk, and one that takes his music in a new direction.

It’s the first time my vocals are at the core of my music. It’s the first time I brought a much more analogue method of production to a song, and it’s the first time I got to work with my heroes and a label who have inspired me since the beginning of my journey.”


Give the track a listen, and stay tuned for an EP set to debut in 2021. This certainly won’t be the last you hear from Mystk.

Mystk – Lost

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