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Watch this majestic Cōfresi flip of The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ live from the sandy beach shores

Photo credit: Brandon Gassel.

Beyond his Harmony Music Festival set released six months ago, and a Megan Hamilton collaboration unloaded in the same month, Cōfresi has been rather absent from creating music. However, there’s no time like the present to jump back on the production saddle for the Chicago future bass beatsmith. Cōfresi recently posted an ambitious new flip of the opening theme song to Disney‘s The Lion King, “Circle of Life,” with a stirring live performance video accompaniment.

Filmed on an orange-tinged beach shore at sunset, care of EDM multi-media company Brand1Films, the recording is first-rate from filming to post-production. Viewers follow Cōfresi atop the sandy dunes as he shreds the drum pads, traditional snares, and Ableton sound mixer. Mixing and mastering the iconic song of the Pride Lands to EDM-perfection, Cōfresi is arguably having the most fun during this strange year of quarantine.

The result is a truly immersive audio-visual experience—complete with aerial drone shots, keen editing techniques, and gorgeous golden hour color tones—that will surely catch everyone’s eyes and ears. Leave it to Cōfresi to not only give fans something irresistibly danceable, but a viewing experience that is exciting, invigorating, and immediately distinguishable.

The Lion King – Circle Of Life (Cōfresi Remix) [Music Performance Video]

The Lion King – Circle Of Life (Cōfresi Flip)

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