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Pure Static conducts an exciting, unfamiliar experimental bass journey, ‘In the Back’ [Premiere]

Pure Static is the experimental bass project of Ryan Magill. Originally from Dallas, Texas, and now residing in Austin, he delivers complex glitch/static/bass-infused soundscapes that are turning heads in the “Live Music Capitol of the World.” Since releasing his debut EP, Incoming Transmission, back in April, Magill has been on a mission to kick off his new sound project with a bang. Following his first experimental/space bass single, “Space Bugz” via IWI Collective, Pure Static now returns three months later with “In The Back,” which CE is happy to premiere today, November 25.

“In The Back” seeks to set the stage for a release-heavy, base-infused end of 2020, according to Magill. The record is all about getting a crowd going. Aimed at bringing the people “in the back” of the crowd to the front rail, the track draws on Wakaan influences and a special blend of experimental dub, glitch hop, and trap. This also reflects the Pure Static project itself, he alluded to CE. That is, his plan is to step into the forefront of the bass scene by coming up from the back with aggressive undertones. 

Throughout the three-and-a-half-minute cut, Pure Static takes his listeners on an exciting, unfamiliar journey. If anyone can agree on anything about his early eight-month-old catalogue, Magill certainly delivers soundscapes that are wonky, highly experimental, and unlike anything else. In addition to diving deep into his sound design/development, Ryan has broken into the live stream and socially distanced live event circuit, playing alongside artists such as Blunts & Blondes, Modestep, SubDocta, Sora, and an upcoming ATLiens show.

Pure Static – In The Back [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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