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UMEK makes ones of the biggest techno comebacks in years thanks to data analytics

It’s no secret that UMEK is one of the most legendary artists in the techno scene. He has been a staple on many dance floors across the globe for the past thirty years, and in the past two years he has managed to make a powerful comeback in the international charts.

Since 2018, UMEK has produced eight No. 1 tracks and 46 tracks that charted among Beatport’s Top 100. His label, 1605, is also one of the most sought after labels by artists looking to release music. Offering a constant stream of top-notch talent, 1605 is proud to have releases from Cosmic Boys, Space 92, Teenage Mutants, and the likes on its roster.

But what is the secret behind his recent success? Using data-driven analytics.

“Let’s get one thing straight: you can’t get to no. 1 without talent and hard work. Data will never replace that,” explains UMEK, then laughs: “But it’s such a great secret weapon to have. My guys at Viberate made me a real stats geek, so while some people are browsing Facebook each day, I’m out there looking at charts and comparing trends. It’s awesome!”

Viberate is a research and music analytics platform co-founded by UMEK. Its goal is to provide music artists and record labels with powerful insights about what their audiences like, what is trending withing genres, how their social media posts are performing, how their Beatport analytics are looking like, and even how artists are connected to each other.

Watch this video to see how UMEK’s performance started rising once a data-driven approach was introduced in his strategy.

UMEK concludes:

“I believe that having the right information is one of the most important factors for making it in the industry. And I’d love to help make that accessible to as many other artists as possible. We went as far as organizing free webinars to teach everyone how they can use the data themselves.”

If you are curious about how Viberate works and how you can use Beatport analytics to up your game, register here by December 22nd 2020 for the next free webinar held by UMEK and his manager.

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