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Ravenscoon and Super Future compose rebel-anthem depicting the chaos of 2020 in, ‘Bad Shit’

There are few experiences that elicit the same feelings as smashing a glass vase with a baseball bat. Or the rush you get from strapping dynamite to a gallon of gasoline in the middle of a field and lighting the fuze, watching that small plastic container explode into a gigantic ball of flames. But recently, genre-spanning artists Ravenscoon and Super Future teamed up in an attempt to replicate those feelings of sweet destruction, in the form of a chest-pounding, experimental bass track that feels like it could be the soundtrack to a riot. Recently, the two CE podcast guests released “Bad Shit,” a collaboration that Super Future even alluded in his August episode of Wide Awake Radio.

However, inciting or promoting violence and destruction was in no way the intention of this duo’s recent collaboration. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the song was inspired in part by the rioting, protests, and political dismay over 2020. At its core, “Bad Shit” is intended to illustrate and depict, in song form, what the past year has been like for people across the globe with racialized protests, social unrest, and the litany of issues that have been plaguing a post-COVID world. Here is what Super Future had to say about the development and inspiration behind the track.

“Around the time we [Super Future and Ravenscoon] came up with the final version, there were a lot of rising tensions in America. Much of those tensions were results of racial and cultural oppression, law enforcement doing what they do, and a general outburst of cathartic rioting. The mood of what we created was becoming almost an expression of that… and all of a sudden, doing “bad shit to feel good” felt like a very real parallel to what America was experiencing. Not that we condone everything that transpired in rioting and things like that, but we all heavily felt the catharsis in the air that made us want to do the bad shit that felt good. At that point, it felt complete and with a purpose.”

Nick Rowland, Super Future

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Nick Rowland has been steadily composing intricately spun melodies and synth-charged bangers for the past several years. Alongside him in this current collab is Paul Conversano, AKA, Ravenscoon, a producer who carries influences from every end of the spectrum from rap and death metal to half-time and psytrance. And one shuffle through his discography will show listeners just how much these influences flavor his tracks. 

After one listen to “Bad Shit,” listeners will agree that the power combo of Ravenscoon and Super Future is long overdue. Fans everywhere should have their fingers crossed that this isn’t the last time these two diversified producers step in the studio together.

Ravenscoon x Super Future Bad Shit

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