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Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 005 | Super Future

From one of the hottest up-and-coming cities of the Midwest, you’ll find artist Nick Rowland, captivating the music scene of Grand Rapids, Michigan with the vibrant look and sounds of his alias, Super Future.

Rowland’s style is a diverse combination of wildly experimental freeform bass, beautiful melodies, and bright future-style synths, all complimented by virtuosic guitar solos. With all of the genres his art blends, his range and originality are creating a larger and more impressive musical force with each coming year. With artists like LSDREAM, Minnesota, Subtronics, Slushii, Martin Garrix, MeSo, and UZ all supporting his music, his Future is definitely looking Super.

This Wide Awake Radio session, we talk about how Nick mastered his craft, his personal journey through spiritual awakening, his very own Samsara Collective, shoutouts to Tinder for helping him find the love of his life, and much more!


Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 005 | Super Future

Wide Awake Radio is a podcast series that features emerging and established artists within the EDM community with a thought-provoking format to encourage conscious listening. Got a story you want to share? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #WideAwakeRadio, or email us at music@consciouselectronic.com. We want to hear from you!

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