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Ark Patrol releases chill acoustic version of his TikTok hit, ‘Let Go’

Four years ago Ark Patrol released a single called “Let Go” Ft. Veronika Redd. This was one of his and Veronika’s first-ever releases. Fast forward to this year and the song spontaneously took off on Tiktok back in March, now with over 170k videos made with the sound. Ark Patrol just released a project called Geode in May of this year, a few months after the Tiktok hit. As the year progressed and “Let Go” continued to thrive, Ark Patrol thought it would be a good idea to give his new fans an acoustic version of his top hit. 

Veronika, who lives in Hawaii, was very into the idea of releasing this new stripped-down version of the track. In true quarantine fashion, Ark Patrol and Veronika sent music back and forth in a virtual session in order to put this song together. When asked about the process, Veronika said, “It’s been wonderful getting to work with Ark Patrol again! When we originally recorded this song over four years ago, I had no idea it would take off the way it did. We hope you all enjoy this acoustic version.

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“Veronika and I were stoked to get together again and bring you this special interpretation of one of the first songs we wrote in our career. For the acoustic version I wanted to make sure the whole song could be made with only a guitar and the voice, though I did cheat at the end with a little plate reverb. Special thanks to everyone who has been listening since the original song!”

Ark Patrol

Ark Patrol actually just recently relocated from his home in Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles where he is settling in and working on his next body of work projected to come out sometime next year. You can expect future sounds from Ark Patrol to feature his own vocals as he further embodies his artistry in the city of dreams, which you will get a taste of in this acoustic version of “Let Go” as well. 

Ark Patrol – Let Go ft. Veronika Redd (Acoustic)

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