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Chris Lake Armand Van Helden

Stream Chris Lake & Armand van Helden’s four-track collaborative EP, ‘The Answer’

House forces Chris Lake and Armand Van Helden have combined talents an exhilarating and happenstance four-song collaboration, titled The Answer, which out now on Black Book Records/Astralwerks. Along with the release, the legendary production pair share the official video for the lead single and title track, “The Answer,” featuring Arthur Baker and Victor Simonelli. Director Adrian Villagomez perfectly captures the song’s ethos of inclusion and love. The action unfolds in an unexpected setting: a desert battlefield. Amid the dunes, troops watch incredulously as an enemy soldier advances toward them, strips off his protective gear, and begins dancing with abandon. Peace lies in the balance as the troops and their leader contemplate a response to the unique challenge to their territory.

Why Can’t We See gave us our mantra for making the record: love is the answer. The title track came together so quickly. We just followed the energy in the room.”

Armand Van Helden

The uplifting “Feel So Good” percolates with joy and sensuality and embodies Lake’s approach to making music. As Lake explains, “All I’m really looking for is to get people on the dancefloor, and by the time they finish they realize, ‘Oh, God, my feet really hurt.’ I want them to dance and let go and feel good.”

The effervescent “Work!” was inspired by Van Helden’s tales of the vibrant New York City voguing scene of the 90’s. Chris Lake recalls, “We wrote ‘Work!’ whilst imagining there being a big vogue-off to the song.” The groovy, silken “Dubai Dublin” perfectly rounds out the EP.

The English-born, Los Angeles-based Lake grew up making music in his bedroom, emulating artists like Van Helden, one of house music’s most revered figures, whose career spans three decades. Lake has since amassed his own series of chart-topping hits, earned a GRAMMY nomination, and founded the acclaimed independent label Black Book Records. His collaboration with Van Helden was sparked by a chance encounter.

“I bumped into Armand in Miami at a pool party and we exchanged emails. A month later, he hit me up and floated the idea of working together,” he recalls. “The vibes were flying after we sat down on the first morning, chugging coffee, visualizing what could be made.”

Chris Lake

The Answer provides a much-needed dose of sheer bliss in these challenging times. That such a consequential project should come out of an accidental meeting is nothing short of kismet.

Chris Lake x Armand van Helden – The Answer EP

Chris Lake & Armand Van Helden – The Answer (Official Music Video)

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