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Esseks & Shanghai Doom combine forces on new Wakaan two-tracker, ‘Soul Stone’

Each established members of the esteemed Wakaan family in their own right, veteran Esseks and newcomer Shanghai Doom have returned after both having played Wakaan Festival in Ozark, Arkansas last year. The two have decided to join brains on a new EP project, which is out now on Liquid Stranger‘s coveted label. Titled Soul Stone, the two-tracker falls right in line with all things weird and wonderful about Wakaan Records.

Exploring the full terrain of the left-field movement, including experimental beats, wonky textures, earth-shattering basslines, Esseks and Shanghai Doom each pull deep into their artillery of pulse-raising bass and their contributions on the two cuts couldn’t be more distinct. Featuring low-end pulsating frequencies and n effortless back-and-forth flow, the EP begs its listeners to be played at full volume blast through your best subs and promises to leave your mind scrambled and in shambles.

Soul Stone follows Essek’s most recent collaboration with Tsimba from a few months back, Invisible Enemies,” and Shanghai Doom’s Rituals III EP and debillitating remix of Chee‘s Deadbeats cut, “Blood Thirsty,” which came on the Quarter Inch EP.

Esseks x Shanghai Doom – Soul Stone EP

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