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Chee turns to Deadbeats for journey-filled left-field bass EP, ‘Quarter Inch’

South African producer Chee is a name that needs little introduction, at least in the underground bass pocket of the dance music world. The sound engineer-turned-artist cultivates a sound design that draws similarities to G JONES, EPROM, and Alix Perez, yet one that is uniquely his own. Chee is keeping his steady ascendency going as he rises to new heights on his latest EP effort, Quarter Inch, out now on the illustrious Deadbeats.

The five-track short player has already seen teaser releases in the form of “Blood Thirsty” and “Vulture.” Now those are joined by three more tracks that makes a statement as Chee continues to solidify his catalogue. From the shrilly synths, heavy low-frequency drops, and ominous tones on “Neck Creek Flashback” and “Beaver Fever” to the expansive, cinematic spaces of “Pipsqueak, Quarter Inch represents what it sounds like if dark matter were manifest itself in physical form.

This is an EP that takes listeners on a wild, dangerously thrilling ride through unsuspecting twists and turns that feel straight out of left-field. In fact, Chee knocks his sound design so far out of the ballpark that he seems to be exploring the outer ridges of the universe. Take a listen below.