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Subsidia celebrates wonky left-field with ‘Dusk: Vol. 2’ compilation: Kaivon, Notixx, Cyber G, & more

Hot on the heels of launching his new Subsidia Records last month, Excision and his label army continue to dominate the bass music airwaves. After a mega-compilation release right out of the gate, and the release of a heavier dubstep compilation follow-up with Night: Vol 2, now fearless leader Jeff Abel has gathered a whole new platoon of experimental bass rising producers on Dusk: Vol. 2. It’s no secret that Excision has been cultivating young bass talent around his definitive sound, so Dusk: Vol. 2 chocked full of underheard, underground talents attempting to ride through the ranks.

With more well-known self-starters like Kaivon, Notixx, Cyber G, Jkyl & Hyde, Mattheny, and Space Wizard, to lesser-known artists first coming into the spotlight, the whopping 20-track compilation is a ride through a wonky wonderland. From the computerized drops and ragga-jungle flavors on bd hbt and Blrrd Vzn’s “selecta” to the playfully paralyzing basslines on Brainwreck’s “Wit My Crew, and many more standout selections, Dusk is for all the lovers of experimentalism.

Excision previously told Forbes of Subsidia’s more left-field, experimental corner of the label:

“Dusk is the time of day when golden hour hits, and then the sky turns all different colors at sunset. It also looks very different each day—no two sunsets are the same. So bass that is more experimental, trippy or left-field seemed appropriate for Dusk.”

– Excision

Stay tuned for Dawn: Vol. 2 with an entirely new brigade of melodic-leaning producers who are opting for the feel-good styles of bass. Listen to Dusk: Vol. 2 now.

Excision – Subsidia Dusk: Vol. 2

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