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Ahee plunges into 2021 with ’10 Foot Tarantula’ ahead of ‘Animals’ EP [Premiere]

Get your space suit ready, because everyone’s favorite genre-bending alien fish is back again with an EP set to transport listeners to realms beyond. Generating melodies that disappear and reappear in astounding new colors, Chris Adams (aka AHEE) has been steadily climbing the ranks of the EDM totem pole ever since his entrance into the scene in 2012. Each release that has followed displays a clear ascension to new heights as Adams continues to explore untouched areas of production—all while cementing his own trademark sound.

Fans have been hovering in anticipation of AHEE’s newest release, Animals, a four-track EP that houses the spacey track, “10 Foot Tarantula,” which Conscious Electronic is fortunate enough to exclusively premiere today, January 7. Within the EP, AHEE remains one foot in and one foot out as he treads the line of his glitch-riddled background while teasing a new, exploratory direction that one must closely listen for in order to fully interpret. 

While AHEE has consistently brought new and inviting music to the horizon, it’s not the only way he has contributed to the world of production. His YouTube tutorials and incredibly layered sample packs display not only his production prowess but his dedication to growing the abilities of those around him as well. This sort of nature fits in perfectly with the label AHEE’s Animals now calls home: Producer Dojo, owned by the internationally-acclaimed artist Ill Gates.

Although Animals may be his first contribution to the budding record label, the short player will almost assuredly not be his last. Considering the plethora of bass music “ninjas and senseis” that are housed under the Producer Dojo banner, fans should expect some wild collaborations coming up along with Adams’ continued growth in the fields of glitch, neuro, bass, and the intriguing genres he guides listeners through in his Animals EP.

The full project is available tomorrow, January 8, on all digital platforms. For now, listen to “10 Foot Tarantula” here.

AHEE – 10 Foot Tarantula [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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