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DirtySnatcha folds Christina Aguilera classic into full-throttle snark on ‘Riddim in a Bottle’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Oh, he went there. UK dubstep producer DirtySnatcha has flipped an old pop classic with a certain genius level of wit and masterful skill. DirtySnatcha uses Christina Aguilera’s 1999 breakout hit, “Geanie in a Bottle,” as a blueprint to go full-throttle bass on the Disney child star turned teen sex symbol. Fun-filled and goofy to the maximum, “Riddim in a Bottle” is a bonafide crowd-pleaser that begs to be heard live on the dance floor. Out now on his own label, DirtySnatcha slows down Aguilera’s melodies to a slow tempo crawl with some higher tone trap synths to raise the stakes. The cheeky, chopped-and-screwed flip culminates in the ultimate pay-off for any head-banger—that is, full-throttle riddim drops made for the rail. This one will take over the body and mind.

Stream “Riddim in a Bottle” below and be sure to grab the free download.

DirtySnatcha – Riddim in a Bottle

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