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Sound Remedy welcomes 2021 with a SoundCloud release-spree

Los Angeles-based producer Sound Remedy may be a name unbeknownst to many EDM-newcomers. For enthusiasts who’ve been around since before the post-2012 EDM boom, his return to music-making is a long-awaited gift. Flying under the radar in 2021, the Chicago native has been taking to Soundcloud over the past few weeks to release three new tunes in succession. The new releases, “Long Game,” “Ice Gleam,” and “A New Way,” respectively, will surely take dance music fans on a nostalgic roller coaster ride back to the hey-days of EDM.

On the tracks, Sound Remedy musters up his signature euphoric, house-driven melodies. From the highly-digitalized synths on “Ice Gleam” to the more electro-driven track, “A New Way” and bouncy, bubble-gum elements on “Long Game,” the tunes build fluidly and gradually to a beautiful zenith point. As the son of two Julliard graduates, Sound Remedy’s skill and knowledge-base are both evident and impressive. It’s also long overdue that fans hear his return to his more progressive roots.

It’s worth noting that the new tunes are available exclusively on SoundCloud, which may point to a build-up to a new independently-released album. Sound Remedy will be releasing a new tune every Monday at 9am PST.

Sound Remedy – Long Game

Sound Remedy – Ice Gleam

Sound Remedy – A New Way

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