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CharlestheFirst unveils fresh vocals and video for upcoming Solus LP, ‘For Now’

It has been two months since the first taste of CharlestheFirst’s new Solus LP with “Out of the Dark.” Now the Lake Tahoe artist has released a second single, along with a video, that showcases his talents as a songwriter and vocalist in addition to his bass wizardry. Called “For Now,” the track features Sir Charles himself on the mic!

Charles Ingalls is the man behind CharlestheFirst, and he was born and is still based in the Lake Tahoe region of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The influence of nature, and the natural rhythms of life it produces, accent his art and storytelling, and often populate a layer or two of his music. He has held a leading role in the development and influence of experimental and downtempo bass since 2014. Charles Ingalls has also received accolades for his side project hawk. whose influence can be seen in this new drop.

The new release “For Now” starts with a subtle piano arrangement, creating a softer atmosphere of comfort. Traditionally, a drop into deep otherworldly bass might follow the opening, but the surprise this time is Charles himself dropping the beats! The tone of the vocals matches the gentle opening — auto-tuned bars that narrate an introspective storyline centered on wildly relatable lyrics like: “You can leave me here for now, I’ll keep my head above the water for you” and “I know I’m up and down, put my phone on silent but I wish you were around.”

Longtime Charles fans will hear his production under the rhymes, downtempo and lush, producing his ethereal soundscape where his narrative plays out. Here’s the tune:

Also released is an accompanying video, which offers some up-close looks at the artist’s inspirations, locals, and moods. As CharlestheFirst has done in the past, the visual art accompanies the natural intimacy to be found in his music, but this time the scale is impressive. The use of the visual helps to take his audience through the narrative of the song, relatable to many for the message of perseverance it offers. Take a peep below:

So far, through both this track and the first released single “Out of the Dark,” Solus promises to be an LP that shows a multi-faceted side of CharlestheFirst, and a certain transparency. The latest offerings have revealed much about the artist in terms of his development as a producer, and the levels of play and experimentation that drive his passion. While his levels of achievement in deep bass are already recognized, he is constantly on the lookout for development. Twitter recently revealed another interesting direction his music might take:


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