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MIZE and Super Future encapsulate ‘sudden enlightenment’ on ethereal SSKWAN release, ‘Satori’

As SSKWAN continues to lead the sound movement in downtempo bass, Atlanta-born MIZE and Michigan’s Super Future have just crafted something truly titillating on the WAKAAN-offshoot imprint headed by Liquid Stranger. Coming as a fresh creation from two of bass music’s most promising young artists, “Satori” stuns from start to finish with dreamy melodies and blissful drops. The name comes from the Buddist word for “sudden enlightenment, comprehension, and understanding,” as Super Future recently revealed on his Twitter, “The rising emotion and beauty in our song represent how we feel through sound.” MIZE further elaborated upon the track’s release today,

 “Satori is meant to bring sound to the challenging yet beautiful process of reaching enlightenment. What you will find on this journey is an unexpected array of sounds and experiences, just as the ancient Buddhist path of achieving Satori has always been for the human mind, body, and spirit.”


Meant to embody the feeling of pure and total enlightenment through sound, this track is full of otherworldly elements that bring listeners right into the heart-space. Super Future shines towards the end with a beautiful guitar solo adding even more complexity to this one of a kind piece. Meshing mindfulness and music, “Satori” exists in a genre-bending world of its own and we can only hope to see more collaborations from these two in the future.

“I remember first reaching out to Ian and the gist of what I had to say was, “Hey man, I know you don’t know me that well… but I promise if you give me one chance to work on something with you I will make it absolutely beautiful.” for some reason I felt in my heart that I could create something really meaningful with him. I was really really nervous sending it back to him, but he loved it.”

– Super Future

For these two CE Artists to Watch, the sky is proving to be well within their reach. Now the only way is up as the two newcomers shoot for the stars. Be sure to check out the official vizualizer for “Satori” and stream the track below.

MIZE, Super Future – Satori

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