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The Glitch Mob’s edIT announces first solo project in 13 years, releases first single in ‘That’s Me Baby’

As one of the three pillars of The Glitch Mob, Los Angeles-based artist edIT (the solo persona of Edward Ma) is known for more than just championing the beat movement throughout the world. Like his counterparts, Boreta and ooah, Ma has got a thriving solo career to explore sounds under his own namesake. Now edIT has announced his third studio album, Come to Grips, which is set for release on his newly-formed imprint, Know Truth No Lie, on February 26.

Building up to the full album release, edIT has shared a brand new single in “That’s Me Baby.” The track features plenty of high-toned cascading synths, atmospheric pads, and glitchy basslines, all centered around a pristinely-spliced vocal sample of the phrase  “that’s me baby.” The track itself was actually inspired by the racialized protests of the summer of 2020 set during a worldwide pandemic. Ma reflects on the newest release with respect to the racial and health struggles of 2020, sharing in a press release,

“It encompasses an isolated sound, feeling, and emotion. The feeling of being alone, being a little hopeless, but at the end of the day… knowing that there’s still so much to be hopeful for. We’re all coming to grips with the current state of the world.”


Come To Grips will mark edIT’s first solo full-length release since 2007’s Certified Air Raid Material, and the first single showcases the full range and evolution of his work even after a hiatus of edIT releases for over ten years. Listen to “That’s Me Baby” and watch the full music video below.

edIT – That’s Me Baby

Come To Grips Tracklist:

  1. Down For This
  2. That’s Me Baby
  3. Find You
  4. Just Can’t
  5. Take Your Time
  6. All I Want
  7. Only Believed
  8. Need You Now
  9. Bleedin’ Out (feat. KAVYA)
  10. Tonight With You

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