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CloZee remixes INZO's Overthinker

CloZee resonates with Alan Watts on resounding remix of INZO’s ‘Overthinker’

Those that closely follow CloZee’s socials have been taunted since November over news that the French “Goddess of Glitch” was remixing a couple of her all-time favorite tracks, but it wasn’t until last month that one of those tracks was revealed as “Overthinker,” INZO’s signature track of 2018. CloZee’s admiration for the track is revealed through her ShambhaRoo setlist, where the introduction of the original track is heard just over the ending of “The Mist,” her collaboration with CharlestheFirst, after the five-minute mark. Not only did the debut set a reflective ambiance for the livestreamed experience, and a serene transition into “Harmony,” the remix has gained rather unwieldy anticipation among the CloZee Tribe. Now the Denver-based, Toulouse-born music maker has quelled that anticipation with the remixes official release.

Since her release of “Koto” in 2015, CloZee (real name: Chloé Herry) has been known amongst the world and bass musical sectors for her masterful translation of tribal tones, diverse sounds, and organic instrumentation into original electronic music. The universal appeal of Herry’s music has drawn listeners from many different genres, and walks of life, truly incorporating an atmosphere of inclusion on every level imaginable, reflected also in her accessibility to her growing fan base where she has the ability to portray herself without pretentiousness, despite her gifts. Recently, she started her own label, Odyzey Music, which itself has some new releases in the works. Her most recent LP, Neon Jungle, was our pick for the best LP of 2020.

INZO’s original track, as well as CloZee’s reboot, takes some of Watts’s most memorable interpretations of the Eastern philosophies he taught and lived by and provides an auditory experience by which to consider them. The self-tormented ‘overthinker’ is trapped by his thoughts, the source of which he never actually examines. If he did, he would realize that they are based on his past impressions and experiences, themselves manifestations of others’ impressions and experiences, and so quite meaningless and absurd. While this is not a complete denial of what is, fundamentally, a useful tool, we should recognize that our thoughts are often a limitation, and not to be taken too seriously: Thoughts, says philosopher Alan Watts in a voiceover, are “a good servant, but a bad master.” Thoughts, as Watts alludes on the track, is the beginning of meditation; and, at least for CloZee, one way to view the intentions of music.

INZO – Overthinker (CloZee Remix)

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