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tiedye ky announces Pipus Forever Mural Project with beautiful music video for ‘Living Right Now’

Featured photo: Insomniac

Kyle Bate, who most know and love under the tiedye ky moniker, has been on our radar for quite some time now. His fearless experimenting and unique bass/glitch/hip hop sound have made him a force to be reckoned with as of late. After releasing an incredibly heartfelt 12-track masterpiece, Baby Blue and the Super Moon, Bate earned a well-deserved spot on our Top 10 Albums of 2020. Even before the release, he was featured on our Rising Bass Spotlight series, and watching his career grow has been exciting for many.

While talking to him a bit about the album, Kyle shared with us that his favorite song off the album was “Living Right Now.” He spoke from the heart, revealing that the track was actually written on the day of his dear friend Pipus’ funeral. To honor Pipus, tiedye ky created a thoughtful and impassioned music video for the special song.

“Pipus was a person who infected everyone with laughter, and treated everybody he met like a best friend. His creative spirit continues to bring laughter in his videos and music every day, and will forever.”

The music video, which pays tribute to his late friend, features clips from all around Philadelphia where Kyle and Pipus both resided. The two spent a lot of time together – skating, making music, and hanging out. All of the footage seen here was actually shot on a super 8 film camera over the summer. Not only is this Kyle’s favorite song, this video is now his favorite piece of art too.

In honor of the special soul that was taken from this earth way too soon, Kyle created the Pipus Forever Mural Project to pay respects and help his legacy live on beyond space and time. Watch the music video all the way until the end, sign the petition, and consider donating to the GoFundMe that has been put together to help this vision come to life. More information can be found on tiedye ky’s official website.

Let the song and video also serve as a beautiful reminder that life is short and there is no such thing as the past or the future. All that exists is the present moment and it’s the seemingly little things in life that matter the most. Take a minute to ask yourself: are you living right now?

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