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LEVEL UP and JEANIE lock horns on diabolical dubstep collaboration, ‘Hell Hole’

Dubstep makers LEVEL UP and JEANIE are pulling bass-heads straight down into a fiery pit with their new collaboration, “Hell Hole,” slated for release on Bassrush Records

Heat is something both of these hotly-tipped artists have enough to go around, as the two long-time homies have been blazing through the dubstep scene with their own respective projects. Last year, they ignited an unholy four-way cut called “Inferno,” which saw them fanning the flames alongside MADGRRL and SIPPY, as the lead cut for the ‘GRL GANG Presents: RIOT! Compilation.’ Now, LEVEL UP and JEANIE are locking horns once again on the collab tip, and the result is a ground-rupturing dubstep single made from the darkness beyond.  

“LEVEL UP and I have been friends for a long time, so I’m stoked we finally worked on a track together… it reminds me of what a horror game would sound like right before you descend into hell. Huge shout out to Bassrush for believing in the track!”


“Hell Hole” sets off with a sinister melody line, which gradually rises to the surface like molten lava bubbling moments prior to a violent eruption. Once the slow-churning drums start to intensify, the floor crumbles underneath to take listeners straight into the belly of the beast. From that point on, waves of viscous womps proceed to drag you deeper into the abyss, while blaring bass and perfectly timed backspins keep the temperature climbing well past the melting point. The ominous melody loops back around for a brief moment of respite, only to spit you back out into the lowest depths of the diabolical drop these two mavens have forged from pure hellfire. 


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