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SoDown reminds fans what it means to be ‘Alive’ on soulful new single

SoDown is one artist whose eclectic style always fits into the natural diversity found at music festivals. With live sets featuring R&B grooves and his sultry saxophone, and a style that uses head-melting wubs and soul-crushing kicks, the Colorado-based producer and saxophonist always looks to be having an absolute blast on any stage. Fans will recall, that not too long ago, they were liking themselves to “Eskimos” and telling their friends to “get down on the ground.” Moments like these epitomize the joy that can be found at festivals during a SoDown performance.

The man behind SoDown is Ehren River Wright, who, like the rest of us, is missing the festival spirit. Specifically, it’s the moments, says Ehren, where festival-goers felt united through moments where synchronicity was measured through joy. “Alive” hopes to be a remembrance of that power:

“‘Alive’ is a reminiscent song. Of times when we all got lost in the moment together, in music, in love, in adventure. I miss shows and festivals so much. I wrote this song as a love letter to different times, to times we spent together exploring the universe. One day soon we will be together again. Until then, bump this shit and fantasize about nights filled with adventure, music, and love.”


“Alive” brings together the range of the producer and displays how well it can all come together. The “so chill” portion of the tune comes from the jazzy soulful elements, given through the vocals, sax, house-infused synth and kick combo, and sax interludes, while the bass picks up and drops in two-thirds of the way through. All of these elements work together to bring home the refrain “Being alive in the night time.” By reminiscing on that feeling, SoDown seeks to remind listeners that they’ll all be together again reveling in that festival magic. It’s the feeling of being alive that everyone mustn’t soon forget.

SoDown – Alive

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