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DETØX unearths long-awaited debut ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ EP via Producer Dojo

Photo courtesy of DETØX/Facebook.

There’s something to be said for newer artists taking their time to develop their very first releases. James Dietrichson, aka DETØX, is one of those artists that has earned respect slowly over time, while carefully developing his craft along the way. DETØX has been producing electronic music since 2013 and only now is releasing his long-awaited debut EP, Don’t Be Afraid, under the Producer Dojo stamp.

Finding a balance between the dark and light, while combining the heavy and uplifting styles of sound, Don’t Be Afraid is a deep dive into a new world of bass music. Joining in on this five-track journey is a welcomed one for those who have already experienced DETØX as well as for those who are joining in for their first listen on this cutting-edge project. However, one must be willing to take this first step towards helping humanity unite as one, says DETØX in a press release. He continues,

“No matter who you are or where you come from, we are locked into this world together and it is together that we find our way out.”


Exploring a place “Far From Home” where everything feels a little “Too Damn Proper,” listeners may find themselves a little disorientated or thinking you “Can’t Stop Me Now.” But don’t worry because, in the end, you might just wind up back in your “Ordinary Conscious State” of mind.

Having been on some major coast-to-coast festival lineups in the three years pre-COVID, CE even featured Dietrichson on our Road To Quasar series back in 2019. With all original mixes that have been turning heads too, DETØX is known for creating a unique experience that is specifically designed for each show. The image created around DETØX is to help people understand both sides of life and who they are within it.

DETØX – Don’t Be Afraid EP

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