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Zeds Dead officially launches their Altered States imprint with 13-track ‘Catching Z’s (Mixtape)’

Artwork by Fran Rodriguez / @lacabezaenlasnubes.

For fans of Zeds Dead, Catching Z’s is always a truly special gift. What started four years ago as a mixtape series now sees its full realization as a cohesive full-length album. But that’s not all: the new project comes with a new label offshoot from the Deadbeats founders, which the duo announced at the beginning of March. Following their inaugural single release, “late night drive,” the Toronto bass moguls now officially launch their newest label venture in Altered States. A new musical home focused on championing electronic, chill, and downtempo sounds, Altered States launches with Catching Z’s, a 13-track mixtape of brand new original music from Zeds Dead.

“We wanted to open the door to a world branching off of Deadbeats. One where we explore sounds that take you into a different space, one of dreams and other altered states of consciousness.”

– Zeds Dead

Peaceful yet enthralling, Catching Z’s opens with “when i die i’mma come back” and “exit row,” two sonic markers of talent showcasing Zeds Dead’s immense versatility in sound. Teaming up with vocalist Elliot Moss, “lost birds” is a spellbinding whirlwind of raw vocal sincerity and downtempo production prowess. Track number four, “phuket sunrise,” errs on the downtempo side again with an exciting breakbeat boost in the second half, energetically feeding into “get what you need,” another impressive display of Zeds Dead’s percussive master hand.

Transporting listeners to a place beyond the pines is “time is an illusion,” aptly named as Zeds Dead seemingly grab the reins of time for two minutes and seven seconds to usher in a cacophony of tranquility. “i think you’re cool” featuring Jenna Pemkowski elicits divine feminine energy as the singer’s buoyant vocal work hypnotizes, while stirring soundscapes whirr. Slightly wonky, “desert fractal” features chilled out worldly beats, as “late night drive” uses chilling chord progressions to combine with sweeping 808s.

Clocking in at just under one minute is “forever alone,” a haunting segue into “don’t close your eyes,” another bone-chilling display of Zeds Dead’s knack for all things downtempo. Closing out Catching Z’s is “over and over” and “93 ’til now,” two burgeoning tracks to leave a final lasting impression, as well as a taste of what is yet to come from Altered States.

With more to come throughout the course of 2021 and beyond, Catching Z’s is the exciting first look into Zeds Dead’s Altered States.

Zeds Dead – Catching Z’s (Mixtape)

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