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Eats Everything, Set Mo, TSHA, & more round out EP trilogy on ‘BRONSON Remixes Nº.3’

As the new supergroup calling themselves BRONSON, ODESZA and Golden Features had the best year ever in 2020. Establishing a darker sound with blissful overtones, BRONSON‘s sonic aesthetic naturally spoke to a world burried in a pandemic quarantine. When they released their self-titled debut album, the project made just about every Best Album list of the year. Now, following the first and second remix packages, BRONSON has rounded out their EP trilogy with five new remixes that offer a new looking glass into their original tracks.

Featuring East Everything, Set Mo, TSHA, Riton, and Krystal Klear, BRONSON Remixes Nº.3 is anything but glib. Refreshing and wildly energetic, the five remixers’ blissful renditions breathe new life into BRONSON instant-classics like “Heart Attack,” the TEED-assisted “Dawn,” “Know Me,” and “Keep Moving.”

“The BRONSON project was originally born out of a need to push our own creative boundaries and to allow us the space to create something that felt experimental and free from expectation. Connecting with this amazing group of producers for the BRONSON Remixes was really just an extension of that.”


BRONSON Remixes Nº.3 is out now on Foreign Family Collective and Ninja Tune.



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