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CloZee and Maddy O’Neal usher in the warmth with ‘Zest Please’

Since moving to Denver from her native France, CloZee has been making friends with locals and bringing the symbiosis found in such friendships to music created together. The new friend is long-time Denver native Maddy O’Neal, a name that has vibrated soundwaves with her jazzy driven basslines and glitchy old-school beats from the playa to Double JJ Ranch. The track, called “Zest Please,” was released under CloZee’s recently launched label Odyzey Music.

The tune is introduced by light percussions that delve slowly into thicker kicks, with a quick and fun melody that creates a playful and jivey groove. Different layers of synths, each complementing the other in tone and key, creates more complexity and depth to the music, but also creates an uplifting theme, one that brings a sense of well-being just through the experience of the music. Add in the different layers of vocals that supplement the melody, and the track’s mission to create an atmosphere of play and spontaneous smiles is complete.

Brought together, these two absolute powerhouses of bass have created a track that celebrates a joy to be had in simply existing and being aware, finding the zest in life. Like the spring season, CloZee and Maddy O’Neal have created a tune that brings warmth and renewal, and that this should be the way to experience the world. Have a listen below:

CloZee & Maddy O’Neal – Zest Please

Together with the music release came a video by creator kmotion that features the two queens animated and enjoying all things zesty!! Check that out here:

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