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ODESZA and Golden Features unveil first of three debut album remix packs with ‘BRONSON Remixes Nº.1’

In the wee hours of the morning, ODESZA and Golden Features unveiled the first of three debut album remix packs for their debut self-titled album as the super trio BRONSON. The three-part release kicked off late last month with a Cassian remix of the Gallant-assisted track, “KNOW ME.” Cassian is now joined by O’FlynnSkream, OFFAIAH, and Tunnelvisions on BRONSON Remixes Nº.1.

BRONSON’s record-breaking album signaled the darker, moodier sides of Harrison Mills, Clayton Knight, and Tom Stell’s styles, which was thought highly reflective of the current cultural conditions on the planet during its August 2020 release. But the initial remix package turns these thematics on their head and takes the records into higher bpm, happier, housier territory. From the spacey warbles and raised tempos of O’Flynn’s version of “VAULTS” and the retro-house stylings of Skream’s “KNOW ME” rework to OFFIAH’s completely reimagined vision for “HEART ATTACK” and the entrancing, ethereal landscapes of Tunnelvisions’ “DAWN” remix, the five-track collection stands completely on its own.

Each contribution has its own intention completely separate from the original album. All the while, they all stand together as one cohesive unit in terms of their sound designs; leading the diehard fans to believe that the next two EP’s are each going to possess their very own unique thematic threads. Perhaps BRONSON puts it best when they refer to the entire three-pronged series as “a collection of reworks that lives in its own distinct lane, giving the album a renewed energy. The trio continues,

The BRONSON project was originally born out of a need to push our own creative boundaries and to allow us the space to create something that felt experimental and free from expectation. Connecting with this amazing group of producers for the BRONSON Remixes was really just an extension of that – they were able to take tracks from the album and reinvent them, all while staying true to the ethos of the project. The end result is a collection of reworks that lives in its own distinct lane, giving the album a renewed energy. Special thanks to all of the talented artists involved for adding their own spin to the project.”


Be on the lookout for the two follow-up remix EPs released over the coming months, each packed with notable contributions from HAAiHayden JamesTSHAPatrick ToppingProspa, and more. 

BRONSON Remixes Nº.1 is out now on Foreign Family Collective and Ninja Tune.



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