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GRiZ expands his ‘Bangers.Zip’ EP series with epic sixth installment

GRiZ has just released another three-part saga to his ongoing Bangers.Zip storyline. The EP series has been running strong since its first installment in June 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down—and why should it? The short-and-sweet three-trackers are fun, heavy, and they give the people exactly what they want: a little bit of thick bass, with a dash of funky fun, even a pinch of energizing house, and, most importantly, incredible honesty. Grant Kwiecinski (aka GRiZ) is nothing else if not bombastic and totally himself by every standard of measure. This is exactly what the short-players symbolize.

In Bangers[6].Zip, which is out now on Deadbeats, GRiZ goes hard in the paint with two high-profile collaborations and one solo original. Of course, the first joint-effort was recently released alongside Jauz to announce the EP. The aptly-titled track, “No Doubt,” was first revealed to Twitter back in July when Jauz confessed that GRiZ was his Mancrush Monday.

From the heavy sawtooth synths of “No Doubt” to the high-pitched synths, soulful vocal chops, and paralyzing drops of The Blunts & Blondes-assisted track, “Juicy,” Bangers[6] gets down and dirty before sliding into home base with “Brain Fuzz.” As the GRiZ stand-alone on the project, “Brain Fuzz” is every bit as soulful and funky as it is hard and heavy. If nothing else, it speaks to what the dubstep/future funk engineer has been doing since day one.

At this point, GRiZ has reached the part in his career where he’s not trying to play to the crowd. Kwiecinski is just having fun doing what he loves… and, to be frank, it’s exactly the kind of authentic energy that draws people to the Denver producer’s positive aura and his fun-loving sounds.

GRiZ – Bangers[6].Zip EP

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