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Here’s everyone GRiZ is collaborating with currently [UPDATED]

Coming off an insane Pride Month collaboration with Wreckno, which has effectively become the bop of summer, GRiZ has been busy in the studio with so many artists that it’s enough to make one’s head spin. That’s why CE has gathered together all the joint projects that GRiZ has in-the-works with some of dance music’s greatest. These are all the collaborations that have been unofficially “announced” over summer 2020 in that oh-so-hype GRiZ style.

Blunts & Blondes (announced May 25)

GRiZ and Blunts & Blondes have been going back and forth on Twitter recently. They’ve been teasing a new collaboration that is now only recently been identified as “Juicy,” according to an August 21 Instagram post from a newly shaved-head Grant Kwiecinski. The track seems to have come a long way in three months, boasting the perfect balance between dirty dubstep and the melodic. The newest teaser showcases a juicy vocal sample to set off the song’s heavy bass breakdown.

Boogie T (announced June 21)

Over a year has passed since GRiZ and Boogie T released their collaborative remix EP, Supa Fly. The project boasted the perfect blend between dubstep and funk, which is to be expected from the two genre-blurring artists. Fans who may be yearning for more between the two can breathe a sigh of relief. According to a late June Instagram post, the two bass heavyweights are once again joining forces on a yet-to-be-identified track. Although, a vocal sample reveals it may be a follow-up track to their 2019 “Supa Fly” joint: “Feelin’ supa dupa fly to keep that booty moving.”

Jauz (announced July 4)

When a Jauz said to Twitter that GRiZ was his Mancrush Monday, one fan hinted that the two should show their love for one another through collaboration. Then, Jauz replied that they “maybe, already” are, to which GRiZ responded with a series of emotions. So fans can likely expect one coming from the two very soon, considering it’s been months since the exchange.

Subtronics (announced July 11)

One of the biggest tracks in recent EDM memory came in 2019 when Subtronics first debuted “Griztronics” during his set at Electric Forest. The song arguably launched Subtronics’ path to breakout stardom in the same year and became a mainstage staple in bass sets across the country. Ten months later, GRiZ and Subtronics shared a cryptic Twitter exchange which suggests another heavy collaboration in the cards.

Ganja White Night (announced July 15)

Following his “Medusa” collaboration with Wreckno last month, GRiZ wasted no time in taking to Twitter to reveal the beginning stems to his new joint with Belgian riddim masters Ganja White Night. While it was still early in the studio game, the ID-track portrayed GRiZ’s light-hearted funk-step with plenty of room for Ganja White Night’s signature dubstep production. Then, last week, Ganja White Night took to Twitter in an August 17 post to share their marks on the track. The duo said, “GRiZ collab is that feel good put a f’n smile on your face all day kind of music!! Can’t wait to share all the new music we’ve been working on in the brand new studio.” No word has been given on the song’s release date yet, but it feels like it could be landing sooner than fans initially thought.

Gramatik (announced August 4)

The last GRiZmatik collaboration came three years ago when GRiZ and Gramatik unleashed “As We Proceed.” The two have been long time collaborators, with “My People” and “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom” released previously. Though it seemed like the pair had moved on from working with one another, that thinking was obliterated with an August 4 Twitter exchange that revealed a new song was in the works called “Banana Bread Recipe.”

CloZee (announced August 21)

Most recently heating up the internet waves has been GRiZ’s tweet to the French Goddess of Glitch, CloZee, who has recently just moved to Colorado herself. So a coloration between the two Denver residents would be naturally amazing. Not to mention, their two styles would match in an equally natural way, although each’s stamp on the track would be entirely distinct and incredibly unique. Fans are already driving the hype behind the collaboration in a viral way after GRiZ tweeted, “Hey CloZee check ur email,” on August 21, 2020.

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