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ODESZA & Golden Features touch upon inspiration behind Bronson’s debut album in ‘Bronson Commentary’

If there’s one thing that has provided a bit of light during the bleakness of a COVID-19 summer, it’s Bronson‘s self-proclaimed “dark horse” album, Bronson. Landing as a collaborative supergroup effort between Seattle-based duo ODESZA and Australian producer Golden Features, the self-titled debut LP marries their respective artistic styles so fluidly that it is bound to become a top album of 2020.

Now they’ve put together a 30-minute commentary component for the album wherein Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight (of ODESZA) and Tom Shell (of Golden Features) touch upon the birthplace of the album, their analog artistic process, and the emotional meanings behind each song on the 14-track LP. The group reveals how the LP was partly made during a stop along the Australian stretch of ODESZA’s A Moment Apart tour and during a remote retreat between the trio rented a house in the middle of nowhere and made music.

“We found this abandoned kind of farm housey thing that was in somewhere called The Kangaroo Valley,” Stell says in the commentary. “No neighbors to the point of it being creepy. We didn’t see another soul for the whole time we were there.”

Throughout, Bronson fans are given a behind-the-scenes look into how the music helped them challenge each other artistically and how the collaborative process made them realize just how their styles, albeit different on paper, weren’t that much different after all. The commentary includes additional narration from artists like lau.ra, Gallant, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, whom all contributed their talents to the album.

Bronson – Bronson Commentary


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