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ODESZA poses with horns section on Moment Apart tour

Stream ODESZA and Golden Features’ debut BRONSON set for Triple J

Featured photo: Morse Codex.

With ODESZA and Golden Features‘ debut artist concept album, BRONSON, the super trio has been busy promoting the LP via a special BRONSON COMMENTARY release. Bronson even tweeted they had a live stage adaptation of their self-titled album prior to the COVID-19 pandemic putting live music on hold for the year. In lieu of the tour being pushed to the back burner for the unforeseen future, Bronson is spreading the word on their 10-track LP in other ways.

Most recently, ODESZA and Golden Features took to one of Australia’s premier radio shows, Triple J, for the first time since the project first broke the internet and airwaves in April. Spanning a total of 12 selections across a half-hour, Bronson takes listeners on a journey-filled adventure through songs from Off The Meds and Four Tet to Justice vs Simian, Skin On Skin, Blame The Mono, and more. They are also sure to include many titles from their project’s growing catalog, including “DAWN” with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, “HEART ATTACK” with lau.ra, and “CONTACT.”

Stream the 30-minute mix in full here.


1. HEART ATTACK (feat. lau.ra) – BRONSON

2. Belter (Acapella) – Off The Meds

3. Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix) – Caribou

4. Life Is A Game Of Changing (Willaris. K Remix) – DMA’s

5. Get Some Understanding! – Skin On Skin

6. Rigid (Kobosil 44 Rush Mix) – Rosa Anschütz

7. Youkounkoun (Original Mix) – Blame The Mono

8. Doschitai – Locked Club

9. We Are Your Friends (Acapella) – Justice vs Simian

10. Aegis – AQXDM


12. DAWN (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) – BRONSON


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