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Alison Wonderland launches DJ tutorial series

Featured photo: Rukes.

Alexandra Sholler, who has grown exceedingly popular over the last few years under the Alison Wonderland moniker, has been capturing the attention of many electronic music lovers lately. After making quite the name for herself, performing at countless venues and festivals around the world, the Aussie beatmaker even got allotted her very own Red Rocks event: Temple of Wonderland.

Now Alison Wonderland has just launched a new YouTube series. The intention is to teach aspiring artists everything they need to know about how to DJ, starting with where to begin. In the first episode, Alison Wonderland provides viewers with the most basic steps, helping them ease into it while also gaining some knowledge to help further advance them with their passion or career.

Show some support and learn something new. Check out the first video in the new series below. Going forward, fans can expect a new video to be posted on this channel every two weeks or so.

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