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Porter Robinson releases third ‘Nurture’ track, ‘Mirror’

Photo credit: Rukes.
Porter Robinson has officially resumed the rollout of his namesake’s sophomore studio album, Nurture. After a prolonged delay from his last album single, released back in March with “Something Comforting,” Robinson has now shared the LP’s third track in “Mirror.” Robinson’s original intention was to dole out singles throughout summer in the lead up to his Second Sky Festival, which of course was canceled due to COVID-19 and replaced with his virtual Secret Sky event. After a cryptic photo tweet announcing the track yesterday, August 25, “Mirror” continues the sonic storyline of Nurture in Robinson’s warm, introspective style. Rife with blissful soundscapes, lush piano chords, and his own distorted vocals guiding much of the way, the track glitches to perfection with messages of believing in one’s self.

“‘Mirror’ is a song about the costs of being hard on yourself,” said Robinson on the meaning behind the song. “We all have these avatars that we give to our critical inner voices – we might imagine a scornful parent telling us we’ll fail, or a critic telling us our work comes up short, or a society telling us that we aren’t good enough – it’s about recognizing that most of this criticism is self-inflicted. for years, I was imagining the worst thing a critic might say about my music and looking at my own work as negatively as possible as a way to protect myself from criticism, but it never once served me. my hope is that other people can overcome this same kind of shame – it can be really liberating to recognize that most of the time, we’re only letting our own thoughts get in the way, and we can do something about it.”

Of course, the musical prodigy has been releasing one-off singles, including a remix of Nurture‘s first single, “Get Your Wish,” under his NOT DJ PORTER ROBINSON alias and a sixth year Worlds anniversary live edit of “Shepherdess.” But now marks Robinson’s return to slowly rolling out the album after a five-month pause. No confirmed release has been given to Robinson’s sophomore effort just yet, but Lionhearted fans can count on the North Carolina native to raise the stakes with each and every release until the time comes.

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