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Aplsoz delivers stunning ID-packed mix for Eclectic Imprint

Featured artwork: Bainter The Painter.

Aplsoz is a name that needs no introduction on this website. The underground bass artist hailing from South Florida has been a guest on CE‘s Wide Awake Radio, where he spoke about everything from his unique flavor of sound known as “Ultra-Captivationalism” to his consciousness-raising approach to production to his touring travels across the country. Now the burgeoning bass music artist, known to friends as Cody Bonebrake, has teamed up with visual artist Bainter The Painter and Eclectic Imprint to deliver a very special mix loaded with Aplsoz IDs.

Throughout the 30–minute listening journey, Aplsoz takes fans through a saucy, no-frills ride through some of his most recent left-field touch-ups, including a remix of Slipknot’s “Duality” and RE:ID’ “Turn to Gold.” Aplsoz also includes some recent releases, including “Bring It Back” and “Light (purpose of this).” The best part is that the mix is packed with four heavy new IDs that will give listeners a peak into Aplsoz’s future artistic trajectory. Not to provide any spoilers, but it’s a face-crunching collection of tunes that speaks volumes to Aplsoz’s immersive and unrelenting style.

APLSOZ – Electric Impulse Mix


  1. RE:ID – Turn to Gold (Aplsoz Remix)
  2. Aplsoz – Love (will take you there)
  3. Aplsoz – ID
  4. Aplsoz – ID
  5. Aplsoz – Bring it Back
  6. Aplsoz – ID
  7. Aplsoz – Glow
  8. Aplsoz – Light (the purpose of this)
  9. Slipknot – Duality (Aplsoz Remix)
  10. Aplsoz – ID

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