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APLSOZ releases heavy-hitting bass weapon, ‘Bring It Back’

For fans of South Florida underground bass act, APLSOZ, things are certainly heating up following his torched Okeechobee appearance. In addition to his guest appearance on CE‘s podcast, Wide Awake Radio, the artist known as Cody Bonebrake has also been releasing tunes in his inspired Storyline Saga Series. The series is a four-part multimedia saga complete with auditory, visual, and narrative dimensions. Thus far, APLSOZ has released three tracks, including “Come With Me, “Love,” and “Light.”

Taking a break from the series, APLSOZ has surprised with a heavy-hitting release that speaks to his Ultra-Captivationist sound. The track, titled “Bring It Back,” begins ethereal and yet foreboding, with a first drop that takes listeners by surprise before the one-minute mark. Heavy synths. grinding bass lines, and hearty hip-hop vocal chops then take the lead as the track takes off somewhere into outer space territory. At the same time, APLSOZ has unruly way of keeping his listeners grounded in his music’s low end, and “Bring It Back” is no expectation. This one is a bonafide bass weapon.