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SunSquabi and The String Cheese Incident come together on energetic, journey-filled jam, ‘Top Down’ [WATCH]

Good news for jam heads: A brand new collaboration has arrived between jamtronica pioneers The String Cheese Incident (SCI) and electro jam/funk masters SunSquabi. The track, titled “Top Down,” saw Cheese’s Kyle Hollingsworth, Michael Kang, and Jason Hann link up with the Denver-based SunSquabi crew over a period of several months, passing ideas and riffs back and forth. The exchange eventually resulted in a 6-minute journey-filled track that takes listeners through emotional peaks and valleys, feel-good measure, and jammy breakdowns.

“‘Top Down’ came together over the course of nearly a year of remote sessions,’ SunSquabi’s Kevin Donohue said in a statement.

Donohue and his bandmate, Josh Fairman, created the main riff in the basement of his old house, sort of sussed out a framework of the track, and then sent it to Kyle Hollingsworth, who added in organ, Rhodes, and layers of synths. Then Jason Hann came in and laid in the percussion tracks. “Jason is a monster so, we created a little drum break to feature him there,” said Donohue.

“The final piece was (Michael) Kang with a cool glass of whiskey and some sweet shreddy licks to round out the melodic sections of the song,” he continues. “All in all, collaborating so closely with a band that we all grew up listening to and watching in Boulder, Colorado, was an absolute dream come true and we are so proud of how it turned out.”

The collaboration between the Colorado bands, which marks SCI’s first new music of 2020, came packaged with a Fear & Loathing inspired animated video accompaniment created by Josh Clark.

“This was a blast, working with Kevin was so easy and organic,” added Kyle Hollingsworth of SCI. “He set up a great groove and I just played some melodies and solos on keys and voice box, and he compiled an awesome track!”

Suffice it to say, diehard fans can hardly wait to hear this collaborative cut being played out live on the grounds of Suwannee or Sherwood. Of course, that may have to wait longer than initially expected.