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Porter Robinson remixes his very own ‘Get Your Wish’ under NOT DJ PORTER ROBINSON alias

Featured photo: Rukes.

Porter Robinson has been going full force on promoting his highly-anticipated next concept album, Nurture, and he’s not letting up with the surprise releases. Recently, he put out his very first remix track of “Get Your Wish” at the hands of Anamanaguchi. Now he’s gifting fans another remix of the same record under his NOT DJ PORTER ROBINSON alias.

The remix is light-hearted and care-free with sped-up tempos and pitched-up synthesized vocals. The result is an upbeat, anime-inspired number with bright tones, glitched-out fx, bright atmospheres, and melodic bliss. It certainly gives “Get Your Wish” a breezier feel to an already highly introspective song. No word on whether these tracks will actually be on Porter Robinson’s highly anticipated Nurture LP, so only time will tell.

Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish (DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON Remix)

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