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Porter Robinson stands in a nature scenery in "Something Comforting" music video

Porter Robinson returns with ‘Nurture’ rollout, releases Anamanaguchi remix of ‘Get Your Wish’

Up until his Secret Sky virtual festival two months ago, Porter Robinson had been going full force on promoting his highly-anticipated next concept album, Nurture. Intially announcing the LP in January, he had released the LP’s first two tracks in “Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting.” Then, in his Secret Sky set, Robinson debuted the album’s third track, “Look At The Sky” before going completely dark. Fast forward to now and Robinson returned a day ahead of his birthday, July 15, to say he’s ramping back up his release schedule.

The tweet had fans immediately speculating over an album release date announcement or the probable drop for “Look At The Sky.” However, as someone who likes to keep his fans guessing, Robinson released an official remix of Nurture‘s first released track, “Get Your Wish,” at the hands of Anamanaguchi. The song gleams with the pristine of a twinkling video game world, with even more chiptune sounds, 8-bit sampling, and light touches to Porter’s acoustic strings. The remix is expected to be on Nurture, although fans are still itching for a release date.

There’s no denying that Porter Robinson is an absolute artistic visionary. So it’s pretty clear that his Nurture release will be a huge occasion for the entire dance music world, just like every album before it.

Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish (Anamanaguchi Remix)

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