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Eric Prydz CELL Tomorrowland Around The World

Watch Eric Prydz’s new [CELL.] VR stage concept at Tomorrowland Around The World

Throughout his storied career, Eric Prydz has pushed the boundaries of spectacle in his live performance. With the help of his cutting-edge AV team, Prydz has repeatedly set the bar (and raised it) for how electronic dance music show should look, sound, and feel. From the very first version of EPIC to his more recent holographic HOLO shows, Eric Prydz has managed to erect an impressive collection of lights and lasers that take fans into another world altogether. At Tomorrowland 2019, Prydz brought arguably history’s most technologically advanced show to date, EPIC 6.0, on the Belgium festival’s Freedom stage.

So when Tomorrowland organizers announced their first-ever virtual festival event, Tomorrowland Around The World, Prydz’s team possessed the unwavering desire to push the envelope beyond his V O I D and HOLOSPHERE productions… all in the land of VR. At the first-ever Tomorrowland virtual event, the progressive icon announced the debut of his brand-new [CELL.] stage design before unveiling it in a teaser video (see below), which flung his fanbase headlong into a fever pitch ahead of the live stream event.

Now fans who didn’t pay for the event can catch a glimpse of what the Virtual People of Tomorrow were able to witness. No word on whether the full Prydz set will be released, but if [CELL.] does get released in full, one can count on it being removed quickly.

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