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Bronson announce 3-part remix EP, release debut remix from Cassian

The first EP arrives October 16 with leading remix from Cassian out now.

Garnering widespread praise for their self-titled debut LP, BRONSON, Grammy-nominated duo Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of ODESZA and ARIA-platinum selling producer Tom Stell of Golden Features have already received plenty of global acclaim for their self-proclaimed “dark horse” album. The triaged unit even released a 30-minute commentary component where the producers delved into the album’s making, their analog artistic process, and the emotional meanings behind each song. Turns out, good things always come in threes, as they say. The cross-continental super trio now announces a robust series of remix EPs—three, to be exact.

Further positioning the trio as deft curators, the first package is slated for release next month. Titled BRONSON Remixes Nº.1, the EP is comprised of five reworks from influential producers including Cassian, O’Flynn, Skream, OFFAIAH, and Tunnelvisions. The end result promises to be “a collection of reworks that lives in its own distinct lane, giving the album a renewed energy,” Bronson says of the first EP.

In the following months, Bronson will continue to release additional remixes from notable names like HAAi, Hayden James, TSHA, Patrick Topping, Prospa, and more. Giving fans a preview of what’s to come, Bronson debuts the project with the release of Cassian’s masterful spin on their Gallant-assisted single, “KNOW ME.”

Cassian tells the story of how his remix came to be: “Back in April, I started receiving these strange calls on my phone. I’d answer the call and a series of numbers would repeat over and over again. I didn’t think much of it at first, but after a week or so, those numbers were stuck on [a] loop in my mind. I googled them on a whim and there was only one result: an Instagram account simply titled BRONSON.”

As if a matter of happenstance or fate, Cassian continues on how he was asked to contribute to the project:

I followed the account and my phone rang immediately. This time, instead of the cryptic number sequence, a song was playing. I didn’t know its name at the time but that song was ‘KNOW ME.’ I listened to it on loop over and over again, I couldn’t hang up. After about half an hour I snapped out of it and hung up the call only to see my email inbox light up: ‘BRONSON – KNOW ME Remix Stems.’ The next day the mysterious Instagram account made its first post. I knew what I had to do and a few weeks later my remix was complete.”


Pre-save BRONSON Remixes Nº.1 on Spotify and Apple Music. The five-track EP lands October 16 on Foreign Family Collective and Ninja Tune.

Bronson – KNOW ME ft. Gallant (Cassian Remix)

‘BRONSON Remixes Nº.1’ Tracklist:

1. KNOW ME (feat. Gallant) [Cassian Remix]
2. VAULTS (O’Flynn Remix)
3. KNOW ME (feat. Gallant) [Skream Remix]
4. HEART ATTACK (feat. lau.ra) [OFFAIAH Remix]
5. DAWN (feat. TEED) [Tunnelvisions Remix]


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