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Zeds Dead release inaugural single from new Altered States imprint, ‘late night drive’

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, North American bass music pioneers Zeds Dead champion a sound all their own. The prolific duo made up of Dylan “DC” Mamid and Zachary “Hooks” Rapp-Rovan rapidly rose to critical acclaim since their inception in 2009 during the days of MySpace music. In the decade since then, the pair managed to launch and maintain a tastemaking label with Deadbeats, curate world-class events like DEADROCKS, and continue to rise even further.

On the five-year anniversary of Deadbeats, Zeds Deads have announced their newest label offspring in Alter States, a downtempo-focused label that will boast music in line with their coveted Catching Z’s mixtapes. Now DC and Hooks have unveiled Altered States’ inaugural single, titled “late night drive.” The four-minute downtempo cut uses chilling chord progressions to combine with sweeping 808s that wipe listeners off their feet. Ripe with highly diverse and nuanced Zeds Dead sound, Catching Z’s is a compelling looking glass into what is yet to come from their Altered States endeavor.

“We are starting a new side label called Altered States. We wanted to open the door to a world branching off of Deadbeats. One where we explore sounds that take you into a different space, one of dreams and other altered states of consciousness.”

– Zeds Dead

A new musical home focused on championing electronic, chill, and downtempo sounds, Altered States launches with Catching Z’s, a 13-track mixtape of brand new original music from Zeds Dead. Catching Z’s is available for streaming and purchase on Friday, March 26. In the meantime, stream Zeds Deads’ lead single “late night drive.”

Zeds Dead – late night drive

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