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Ahee transforms Luminyst’s “Wave” with true precision and gusto [PREMIERE]

Following the release of four electrifying remixes from his Transformation LP last week, SLAVE (aka David Timko) continues to roll out his debut album’s official remix accompaniment. Released in three parts throughout March, the next round comes with re-imagined offerings from Arcadian Sound, DiCE MaN, Vibe Emissions, and one CE is thrilled to be premiering officially today, Ahee‘s remix of Transformation‘s midpoint track, “Waves.”

As the LP’s true midpoint track, “Waves” arguably presents the critical turning point towards Transformation in both sound composition and album placement. So it could be argued that “Waves” holds substantially more weight than its sister offerings. Who better to entrust on official remix duties than the always-formidable Chris “Ahee” Adams, then, who takes to the track with true care, consistency, and control. Ahee is able to hold onto the true intention of the track, while shortening its overall journey to fit his own sonic arches.

As it would appear, Ahee would agree with our assessment of the track as the true moment of metamorphosis on SLAVE’s debut LP. Captivated by the original’s sense of height and ascendency, Ahee does well to keep the ethereal, melodic elements intact. All the while, he carefully places in his own signature production marks to really take “Waves” further up the proverbial ladder. Upping the volume and intensity right off the bat, while adding in more echoing reverb and some intense bridges of his own, there is no turning back for the listener or return to normalcy. Listeners will be spellbound and will never leave the same.

Along with remixes from respected underground talents like AHEE, Vibe Emissions, and BroMosapien, SLAVE also features fresh underground talent courtesy of his remix contest winners for a fresh blend of musical ideas across a diverse spectrum of genres and influences.


SLAVE has also launched pre-orders for a deluxe edition. The two-disc hard copy will feature both the original and remix albums along with a booklet diving into the inspirations and stories behind each track, memorializing the year-long journey that was Transformation. The deluxe edition will also feature five additional remixes that won’t be available anywhere else, for a total of 27 tracks. Pre-orders will also be able to hear the full body of work before all the songs hit other outlets.

SLAVE - Waves (Ahee Remix)

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