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Pasquale Rotella reveals EDC Las Vegas 2021 will resume 25th-anniversary event this May

Pasquale Rotella took to social media to announce that his landmark Insomniac event will be moving forward just six weeks before EDCLV opens its gates.

While many are still questioning whether it’s safe to attend events, festivals like Disco Donnie’s Ubbi Dubbi are still planning to move forward with their April event. Pasquale Rotella, who took to Instagram Live in March 2020 to say “I am determined to have the very first major gathering when the world is able to celebrate again,” seems to be on the same page as well. While Rotella may not be the first, he did announce the return of his landmark Insomniac event, EDC Las Vegas.

Set to take place on its new weekend on May 21-23, that makes the announcement come just six weeks ahead of its opening day. According to EDM Identity, however, on the same day as the announcement: “news surfaced that Insomniac’s initial safety plan had been denied by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, leaving many confused as to if [EDCLV] would move forward.”

“We are moving forward as planned & will be working closely with local & state officials to make the show as safe as possible. You can expect the full EDC experience with no details spared, from the festival grounds to the music, stages, art, performers, artists & fireworks! I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces & feeling your incredible energy, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

– Pasquale Rotella

If there is one thing Rotella is known for, it is his passion and commitment to the safety of his community. So while a move like this seems out-of-sorts for the self-described “raver at heart,” at least Rotella recognizes the extreme gamble he is taking by hosting in May:

“We’re ready to spread our wings & embrace our community who we miss so much. We know there may be challenges in front of us, which we will accept & do our best to overcome. We’ve been apart for a long time & I can’t wait to join you, united, Under the Electric Sky.”

– Pasquale Rotella

While it’s still too early to judge whether these large-scale gatherings are justified or even responsible, the world will know whether they are “super spreader” events soon enough. “More details on safety protocols and the lineup will be shared soon,” continues the Insomniac CEO. Read Pasquale Rotella’s full statement below.

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