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Potions captivates listeners with ‘Incantations I & II’

Concocting a delicate blend of melodic cadence with left-field bass design, Hunter Braymer, also known as Potions, has cultivated a dedicated fanbase through his psychedelic, full-spectrum audio productions. Earlier this month, Braymer added to his impressive catalogue by releasing Incantations I & II, his first solo release in a near calendar year.

Dating back to 2014, Potions has amassed an impressive and eclectic discography of his unique style of distorted, yet harmonious narrative experiences. He is also known for his frequent collaborations with fellow bass artists Charlesthefirst and Supertask in the revered Lab Group, a dream team of West Coast EDM producers. From his selva’s beach release all the way up to 2020’s They Will Never Find Me Here, fans never quite know what to expect from a Potions project beyond them all being must-listens.

This release opens with “Passing Over,” a hypnotic, low-end piece filled with gritty textures and a spellbinding atmosphere. Combining ethereal soundscapes with well-placed instrumentation, one can not help but appreciate the artist’s ability to weave cohesiveness out of such varied sound selection. Braymer then follows up with his second incantation, “Formation,” which stimulates listeners’ ears with an array of soothing, organic sounds. The track transitions seamlessly between clean distortions and gliding synths in a way that satisfies casual listeners and audiophiles alike. This magic lesson is available on all streaming platforms and one can only imagine the mixtures Potions has in store for us next.

Potions – Incantations I & II

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