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Rising Bass Spotlight: Let NotLö’s five-track ‘Speakeasy’ EP take you back to the flapper era [STREAM]

Here at Conscious Electronic, we love all things bass — breakbeat, downtempo, left-field, experimental, dubstep in all its forms, you name it. As the underground bass movement has begun its full ascendancy in the US, we’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of up-and-coming bass artists the country over. As such, CE’Rising Bass Spotlight seeks to shine a light onto the rising producers who’re honing their craft, galvanizing their movements, and attuning eyes, ears, heads, and bodies into all things low end.

If ever there were two sounds that mesh together perfectly, it’s those 140 beats of rising underground bass star NotLö and TRUTH‘s Deep Dark & Dangerous imprint. Herself coming off a dripping hot secret set during CouchFest last month, a Bonnaroo billing for late summer, and a Wakaan EP release, NotLö was also our top spot as reigning underground bass queen in CE‘s Women’s Month feature series. So it’s safe to say the Denver-based dubstep producer is poised for 2021 as her breakout year.

Now NotLö releases her debut EP, titled Speakeasy, on Deep Dark & Dangerous, which is filled will all-original solo cuts from the promising rising star. The five-track project marks her first official release with the label, who called NotLö “one of the most badass producers we have come across in the last couple of years.”

From the opening title track with its gritty synths undergirded by deep, rumbling basslines, to the heavy whomps and wubs on “Remainder,” and the haunting key melodies of “After Hours,” every single track on the EP work themselves in a larger stylistic cohesion that will leave listeners breathless and rested.

Just like the EP’s title and artwork suggest, the whole theme of the project is intended to take listeners back in time to the flapper and speakeasy era. With its heavy reliance on jazz instrumentation, lush sub bass, and pervasive dark, dubby sounds, NotLö’s Speakeasy EP hits the mark in all the best ways.

Earning herself a slot on our Rising Bass Spotlight series, NotLö’s debut Deep Dark & Dangerous is an absolute career game-changer.

NotLö – Speakeasy EP

Rising Bass Spotlight (SoundCloud Playlist)

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