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Toadface brings bubbly, warbly bass to the pond on the third volume in his ‘Perpetually On One’ mix series

As one of underground bass’ most quirky creatives and one-third of The Trifinity, off-kilter bass producer Toadface always brings something unique and different to the table. Following his Gangreen EP last November, and his inclusion on Shanghai Doom‘s boundary-pushing Collision EP in February, Toadface now gives his fans a warbly, bubbly new mix to his popular mixtape series, “Perpetually On One.”

Clocking in at just over 50 minutes, “Perpetually On One Vol. 3” brings a whopping 20 unreleased tracks, wips, and remixes out of the Toadface vault. The artist says the mix was inspired by his father who has passed on:

“Worked really hard on this music and the beginning sample is of my late father.”

– Toadface

With colorful synths that snap, crackle, and pop like a kid’s toy, unrequited twist-and-turns, and experimental bass progressions that dive deep into the psyche, the mix will take experimental bass fanatics on a wild journey through Toadface’s fun and whack-tastical sound design. If nothing else, Toadface’s newest mix sparks deep curiosity into the minds of his listeners over just how he does what it does.

Toadface – Perpetually On One Vol. 3

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