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LSDREAM magically weaves 420 classics into a stoner anthems feast on new mixtape

Photo credit: @LSDREAM/Facebook.

In late April, the famous two-day holiday marked by special sets (with an intent focus on illicit substances) has become a part of EDM culture like peanut butter and jelly. For obvious reasons, it might be more natural to associate LSDREAM to the 19th, Bicycle Day. But it is on the 20th that this producer chooses to release his sets annually. This year, LSDREAM has masterfully weaved together an exhaustively curated set of classic 420 anthems, in several genres, remixed and rebooted, with wubs interspersed.

LSDREAM, the spiritual being having a human experience, helps listeners to experience what may be familiar tracks in new ways that are laced together masterfully. While the number of tracks sampled is impressive, it is the way that he effortlessly leads the listeners through each, sometimes with fun twists and turns and descents into bassy, wubby thumps.

Whether celebrated or not, April 20, and the 420 culture that has grown around it, has become entrenched in our memories and year to year lives. LSDREAM has given us a set of an exhaustive list of anthems that have supported and given strength to what has become a movement. This movement has led to an overall acceptance of cannabis (however reluctantly) for the greater good of society. Join in that celebration and have a listen below.

LSDREAM – 4/20 Mix


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