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GRiZ heads east for self-curated Space Camp festival with CloZee, Liquid Stranger, and more

GRiZ-heads, rejoice! Curated and headlined by everyone’s favorite bass and sax aficionado, the two-day festival will take place in Hampton, Virginia on December 17 and 18.

Known for his sax-infused groovy bass tunes, GRiZ is rewarding his East Coast fanbase with a special treat this winter, and is bringing an entourage of bass legends along for the trip, including Wakaan king Liquid Stranger and CloZee, who recently topped CE‘s list of Best Female Producers in celebration of Women’s History Month. The inaugural self-curated two-day festival’s undeniably fierce lineup also includes LSDREAM, Lucii, CHEE, Moore Kismet, Common Creation, and Kumarion.

“As a kid I always wanted to go to space camp. Hang with other kids and share in that sense of adventure and imagination, so we’re throwing our own. A place to gather, explore and play. A place to be weird, to celebrate life, a place to be yourself, a place to escape earth. We’re ready for takeoff. Welcome to Space Camp.”

– Grant Kwiecinski (AKA GRiZ)

GRiZ recently collaborated with Elohim, a CE Top EDM Vocalist on their electrifying new single “Bring Me Back“, and is clearly eager to blast his new material on the mainstage as festival season slowly but surely makes its safe return. The Denver-based producer was also tapped to headline acclaimed multi-day festivals like Atlanta’s Imagine Music Festival and Illinois’ Summer Camp. Grab your tickets for Space Camp now HERE, and check out the schedule below.

Space Camp Poster

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