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Variant Field tease incoming EP via Gravitas with enchanting, tribal excursion, ‘Letting Go (Spring)’ [PREMIERE]

The duo’s full Immeasurable EP lands tomorrow, April 23, on Gravitas Recordings.

Since Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom) met Alex DeYoung in 1995, the duo has experimented with many forms of electronic music. As the scene has shifted and evolved, the two producers’ paths have ebbed and flowed in and out of each other’s lives. After a long hiatus, Variant Field now comes to Gravitas Recordings for their first EP in over a decade, Immeasurable. Before tomorrow’s release, Conscious Electronic got the chance to premiere our favorite track on the album, titled “Letting Go (Spring).”

Fast-forwarding into spring, “Letting Go” propels listeners into an enchanting, tribal excursion at the perfect time. Much like the full project itself, the track is an emotive, cinematic piece of work that explores being in a state of perpetual flux—both as a production duo and as a world.

“Like so much music and art that has come into the world over the last year, ‘Letting Go’ was born from the circumstances of the early pandemic and a desire to rekindle a project we now had the time to truly immerse ourselves into,” said the duo exclusively to CE. They explain how tethering the “metaphor of spring” to the track allowed them to explore themes of rebirth, reconciliation, renewal, and change:

“While the EP’s title track, ‘Immeasurable,” captured a lot of foundational musical concepts that went into Variant Field, ‘Letting Go’ was in many ways our reconciling with the new world we were moving into as artists, individuals, and as human beings in a changing global narrative. This new space provided us with more flexibility than ever to explore the sounds that first brought us together as musicians back in the early 2000s — when the electronic music scene was very different — as well as to showcase some of the things we wanted to see more of in electronic music. As a result, the track is something of a hybrid, drawing a bit on our 90s electronica nostalgia but marrying it with more modern sounds and techniques from the last twenty years of music.”

– Variant Field

Listen to the track exclusively on Conscious Electronic and be sure to grab the whole Immeasurable EP tomorrow on Gravitas.

Variant Field – Letting Go (Spring)

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